Updated 9 june 2003 This site is constantly updated. So come back soon... >>> versao portugues <<<

9 june 2003 >>>>>
The guestbook get back to work.

4 march 2003 >>>>>
In celebration of one year of our site, we will raffle 5 CD´s GOT NO GUTS plus the first show!!! The raffle will take place april 10 and the winners will be advised by email. We will put the winners list here too.
To join the it, click here.

18 february 2003 >>>>>
We put a page with links to our friends.

13 february 2003 >>>>>
We put a lot of pictures from our first show (thanks David) and also some MP3 songs recorded live on that show, including Fly To New York with participation of our brothers from VIOLATOR.

1 february 2003 >>>>>
The Strike Call will get to the stage! EVERYONE AGAINST THE EVIL FORCES. Show with the STRIKE CALL and many other bands from the city. February 8th (saturday) at First Cyber Cafe, 409 sul, tickets R$ 5,00.

13 october 2002 >>>>>
We're gonna start rerecording the demo cd on the next weeks and the booklet will also be ready soon. We're gonna do a thousand copies.

11 july 2002 >>>>>
A new song called Free Bone Strike can be heard at www.mp3.com/strikecall.

23 june 2002 >>>>>
We got a guestbook... only needs you to sing.... SIGN IT UP!!

18 june 2002 >>>>>
One more MP3 song.

10 may 2002 >>>>>
Our first demo cd called GOT NO GUTS was released with 14 songs.
Click here to know more.

09 may 2002 >>>>>
New pictures (so what?).

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