History as told by:

RODRIGO says --- choose another

The band kind of started the day after a party. It was a sunday (nov. 11 2001) when Guilherme said to me "let's make a song!!!". So i answered "whatever". And then Guilherme composed the song that would be called "Get Bent AIDS Fucker" lately. He only wrote the song, it had no lyrics yet and he (and me!) recorded it in Leonardo's multi track tape recorder (which was at my house by that day - as always) with keyboard drums (...sucks). On that sunday we were supposed to go to Bruno's house to practice some songs of our death metal band MALFORMATION (the same guys in STRIKE CALL). So Guilherme brought that tape and we showed to Bruno and Leonardo... We all thought it was really cool and Leonardo came up with the lyrics for that song in that rehearsal. We decided to start a punk project so we went composing new songs. But by the time Guilherme did the very first (at least officially) song, Leonardo already had punk songs of his own, but he had never told us before (??!!??). In the beginning we used to record all our songs using keyboard drums, i think we did that just because it was a lot easier than trying to put microphones on Bruno's drums, but the sound pretty much sucked... so we took a little courage and started recording the songs using real drums... And we like Death Metal. We sing in english.

LEONARDO says --- choose another

After they got into hunger strike, the three punks and their idol Leonardo Baraviera decided to make a band that had something bound to their acts at that moment. That was it, there was no riot against government, devotion to liberals or any kind of defense to weakness in headbangers little world......... feminists are too fucking boring.

BRUNO says --- choose another

Scotland, 1979, cold winter, late at night two young boys make some trouble in a pub for they didn`t want to leave the place, even though the owner said he had to close the place. The two punk boys, Bruno and Guilherme (names adopted after the extradition) get really pissed and decide to destroy the place with rocks. The owner gets his gun, but Guilherme notice and so they run. Witnesses were in the place and therefore the guys were arrested and extradited to Brazil. As they get in Rio de Janeiro, each one decide to take a different track. Bruno decide to move to Brasilia, where he meets other punks and skinheads, while Guilherme stays in Rio and try to live working with this and that everywhere, for he couldn`t get a real job. Bruno ended up meeting, by coincidence, his half-brother, Leonardo, his father`s son, since Leonardo also was part of the punks. Guilherme kept traveling from town to town cause he couldn`t get a job, and in one of this trips he met Rodrigo, who owned a bar in Patos de Minas. Bruno and Leonardo didn`t get along so well, but they usually met each other at punk protests and rock concerts that used to happen in the underworld, cause the militar dictatorship was ruling the country at those times. Guilherme and Rodrigo were sharing an apartment in 1982 and Guilherme, who still had punk tendencies, heard about a punk protest that would happen in Brasilia and called Rodrigo to go with him and march for the anarchic ideal. Rodrigo, who had never got involved with punks, accepted to see what would happen. As they got to Brasilia, they went directly to the UnB, the Brasilia University, where the protest would occur, and Guilherme recognized Bruno. Bruno didn`t remembered Guilherme at the time, for some years had already passed and Guilherme was with a different hair cut, but Guilherme recognized Bruno at the moment he saw him, for Bruno was very tall a had the same hair cut. They were introduced to Leonardo, who didn`t care very much at the time. Since they got nothing to lose, Rodrigo and Guilherme decided to move to Brasilia, and they became friends, the three of them. At 1987, at a bus stop, Rodrigo saw a poster of a iniciant band`s contest. He already knew how to play, and so he called Bruno and Guilherme to join, but they didn`t know how to play a thing. Even though, Rodrigo didn`t give up and they decided to play. The band was: Rodrigo: vocal/guitar, Guilherme: drums and Bruno: bass/vocal. In that concert, they played two songs, Governmental Illness (lately it would be called Sabrina) and Bleed for Them (lately it would be called The One About Idiots). But Bruno couldn`t play bass and sing at the same time and Guilherme didn`t have the strength to stand a full concert, so they changed places. Leonardo saw this concert and liked a lot, and decided to join the band. Tha band, that was called Self Expression, a sarcastic protest against the militar dictatorship, changed the name to Strike Call and started to make more songs, now with Leonardo at the vocals, Bruno at the drums and Guilherme at the bass guitar. In 1993, the first show with the new formation happened, and in this concert they played four songs: Second Level Falsification, The One About Idiots, Get Bent Aids Fucker and Sabrina, but at the end of that, the police went up to the stage and stopped the show because of the constant protests against them that Guilherme kept yelling between the songs. After that, the band was banished of playing in the city, even though at some places they played, but every time they started, the police would cut them off. At 1998, Rodrigo was arrested for stealing a car, but, since that was his first time in jail, he was freed 24 hours later. The band didn`t play a thing until february of 2001, when Leonardo got a show for them in a club called AABR, and the band got back stronger then never. Ever since that show, besides the many protests from the audience because Guilherme was drunk at the stage, the band got their success back in the country with the most punk sound anyone could ever dream about. It`s worth to listen.

GUILHERME says --- choose another

The STRIKE CALL is a band formed by me and three more members, and we don't really like feminists, but it doesn't matter. How the band started, don't really matters too. Doesn't matter how old we are, and talk about our lives even less. What matters is that we are PUNKS.


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